Photo Gallery
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Bandwidth permitting, here are a few videos of Magic-1 running

Blinky lights

Poor video, but here is Magic-1 running in the new enclosure


Running for the first time

I set up a video camera to record my bring-up attempts.  Here's the one that finally worked:


...and here is the first attempt (which didn't work) the second attempt (also failed)



Magic on the kitchen table

Rear view - note Compact Flash slot and list of folks who helped along the way.

Showing off blue interior lighting

Upper rear panel removed

Shown with the front panel unbolted and pulled down. Note cooling fan on left and air filter on right.

My favorite debugging picture - Magic-1 set up for logic analyzer before finding ungrounded memory bug


Front view running in new enclosure

Looking through the top cutout (interior lit by blue fluorescant light wand)

Component side of the ALU/Register Card

Wire-wrap side of the ALU/Register card

Component side of the control card

Wire-wrap side of the control card

Component side of the device card

Wire-wrap side of the device card

Component side of the memory board

Wire-wrap side of the memory card

Component side of the front panel logic card

Wire-wrap side of the front panel logic card

Temporary front panel logic card, used for bringup and debugging

Bare card cage before construction began

Completed backplane

Card cage & temporary front panel

Listening to Magic-1's first heartbeat on the kitchen table

Using wire-wrap tags

Wire-wrap closeup

EPROM daughter card

Fetch/execute of first instruction

Front panel wiring before blue protective plastic removed

Front panel from the rear

Alistair's early 3D model of enclosure

Magic-1 after running Fibonacci for the first time

Kitchen table aftermath of the Dave Conroy debugging session