Technical Info
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Documentation - It's a good thing....

The documentation for Magic-1, unfortunately, is scattered about the website a bit more than would be ideal.  However, we'll try to organize it a bit under this page.

Magic-1 Schematics

...are here.

Magic Architecture

I wasn't entirely faithful in keeping a distinction between an architecture and an implementation.  The following web page is an attempt to describe a Magic architecture, of which Magic-1 is a particular implementation. 

Magic Architecture

Magic-1 Microarchitecture

The microarchitecture document describes some of the low-level design choices made when creating an instance of the Magic architecture - Magic-1.

Magic-1 Microarchitecture

Magic-1 Microcode

More than just documentation, the microcode documents are actually the source code for the microcode used both in the Magic-1 simulators and the actual [E]PROMs.  The following document is a root to a series of microcode versions.  The software build process parses these html files and extracts source code and tokens and then munges them all together.  It's been years since I set this up.  I no longer understand how it works....

Magic-1 Microcode

Magic-1 Software Stack

The documentation here is somewhat lacking.  I originally kept all of the source code on this website, but that hasn't worked out as well as I'd hoped.  The documentation here is likely a bit out of date, but when I begin the Minix port in earnest, I'll revise and bring it up to date

Magic-1 Software

Development Diaries and Miscellaneous Documentation

Back in 2001 when I stared this website, I began jotting down notes for myself.  This process morphed into a diary, or I guess you might even call it a blog now (I wasn't aware of the term back in 2001).  This page has links to the diaries from 2001 through 2004.  Note, though, that during 2004 I broke the diaries out into individual ones for the construction of each wire-wrap card, as well as hardware and software bringup.  For a while, I updated both dairies, but eventually stopped wiring a separate diary.  Anyway, here it is:

Diaries & Miscellaneous